Evolution of Teaching Profession in Nigeria and NCE Teacher of Our Dream

Tosin A. Omolade(1),

(1) Department of Geography, Adeyemi Federal University Of Education, Ondo
Corresponding Author


The following is a prayer by a School Principal. “Dear Lord, give me a teacher thrice blessed with wisdom, initiative, vision, understanding, dependability, awareness, a sense of fair play, a keen sense of humour. Give me a teacher who is sympathetic, kind and just, yet firm and courteous. Give me a teacher who has an over-dose of good old-fashioned common sense, seasoned well with professional spirit. Give me a teacher who knows the value of discipline, one who at all times has control of a situation yet not dictatorial. Give me a teacher who threatens not, neither one who makes hasty decisions, nor inflicts unjust and often ridiculous punishment. Give me a teacher who is willing to do perhaps a little more than her share, and above all, one who is on the job. Give me a teacher who feels the responsibility of the school plant, one who is aware of lavatories, halls, playgrounds, and lunchroom. Give me a teacher who will cooperate and work with her fellow teachers. Give me a teacher who has a quiet dignity. Give me a teacher who has, besides a well rounded personality and good educational background, a desire not only to teach but to be a really good teacher. But, God, Above all, Give me a teacher who loves to teach children” (Anonymous author). If the above prayer is taken as an expression of what is expected of an ideal teacher, how far have we gone in attaining this feat in Nigeria? Are we there yet? If no, what else do we still need to do. These and more are the questions this paper attempts to address. Again, considering the crucial role the teacher has to play in nation building, it is sure that if we can get it right in having the teacher of our dream, then, there is hope for a better tomorrow.


Teacher, dream, evolution, teaching profession, Nigeria

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