Indiscipline and Security Challenge in the Public Schools of the State of Osun, Nigeria: Solutions and Way Forward

Gbenga Olaniyi Efunwole(1),

(1) Department of Science Education,Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Oyo State
Corresponding Author


Deviance and delinquency are strong behavioural maladjustments that lead to most indiscipline problems in schools at large. Causative factors responsible for deviance and delinquency were discussed in the paper, solutions proffered and way forward as prelude in our education sector.In the sociologist view, deviance is not as bad as people take it, because it is mendable why delinquency is hard to reverse. Theories of deviant behaviour were used to analyze these problems. Sometimes ago, the secondary school students of the State of Osun went on rampage due to the maltreatment melted to them on their Qualifying Mock Examination results, but the government took it as juvenile delinquency. This led to the breach of security in the State. This paper examined deeply the cause of the students’ deviant behaviour and its aftermath effect on the education sector of the state. Thereafter, conclusions and recommendations were made to prevent such occurrence in the future.


Indiscipline, Public Schools, Secondary Education,Way-Out.. Introduction Indiscipline

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