Ronke OGUNMAKIN.Ph.D(1),

(1) Faculty of Education, Department of Science Education, Ajayi Crowther University Oyo, Nigeria.
Corresponding Author


Teaching is a process that involves how knowledge is been shared and imparted to learners to enable them develop skills and apply knowledge that foster critical thinking and creativity. Teaching takes place in various settings, these include schools, university, workplace, community and informal setting. Effective teaching takes place when the appropriate methods, strategies and learning tools are used to engage learners, and facilitate their learning to achieve the learning objectives. The role of a teacher in creating an ideal environment for learning cannot be overemphasized as they are saddles with the responsibility of designing the method, providing support and giving feedback to learners. Every learner is unique and as a result of this, the teacher needs to find the right teaching methods to deliver the curriculum and impart instruction to the learners. Traditional and modern methods of teaching in higher education are simply the collision of new ideas and old concepts and according to Yuemeng Wang (2002). The traditional teaching method is teacher-centered to impart book knowledge to students. With the development of the new era, science and technology are more developed, and people's thinking is more active. Students not only want to learn from textbooks but also are attracted by innovative knowledge. To improve the quality of teaching and provide students with a better education, modern teaching methods are also widely used. Modern teaching methods pay more attention to improving students’ values and abilities. In the modern classroom, the teaching atmosphere is more relaxed, and there are multiple technology products to assist teaching and the classrooms are student-centered. Educational systems are structures created by States, Countries, Institutions to take care of its citizens and it is normally the function of an organized system whether public or private entity. This paper will look at the diversity of such systems in the following dimensions:traditional methods, modern methods and the Open System Education. The hybrid system and a host of others


Traditional methods, Modern methods, Open System Education

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